Alice Cooper welcomes Orlando HHN fans to his Nightmare maze

Promo art for Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D maze at Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights 2012Following up on our Halloween Horror Nights article from yesterday, Universal Orlando today released a new video featuring Alice Cooper who previews his 2012 maze for Florida, Welcome to My Nightmare.

This is a slight correction of yesterday’s article, in which we got the impression from Coop’s and creative director John Murdy’s first video announcement that the new Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D maze would appear in both Hollywood and Orlando events.

Not so, my little monsters. Given today’s new video, it now appears that USH’s Welcome to My Nightmare maze from 2011 will be transplanted to Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights for this season, while the new Cooper 3D maze debuts in Hollywood this season.

Previous confirmations of The Walking Dead and Silent Hill mazes will appear in both Hollywood and Orlando locations, presumably as (nearly) identical in design to each other as possible, given each mazes physical location on the property. Given Universal Hollywood’s unique layout on top of the hill, mazes get squeezed into all kinds of interesting places which likely affect their layout while the thematic content matches Orlando’s version.

Watch Cooper’s special video for Orlando HHN fans below:

Get more information on HHN Hollywood and HHN Orlando at their official websites.


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