CNN previews Eli Roth’s GORETORIUM opening in two days

CNN Travel previews Eli Roth's GORETORIUM opening in Las Vegas on September 27thWith only two days to live your normal life before Eli Roth’s GORETORIUM opens its blood-caked doors in Las Vegas, CNN Travel has published an early first-look review of this horrifying new haunt on the Strip. Here’s an excerpt of this latest preview:

The pitch is archetypal: the Goretorium is actually “the Delmont,” a ’60s-era hotel whose owners make sure the guests enter — and never leave.

There’s a haunted elevator, a go-go lounge and a chapel, which will be open for real-world weddings.

A stew of horror tropes crossed with an eye for decade-crossing design, the Delmont has been planned down to its last detail, Frey said, including the costumes, sound design and even the slot machines featured in the lobby’s casino.

The scares themselves are just as carefully planned. At any one time, there will be 35 to 40 actors at work, many of whom have previous experience in “haunt environments” such as haunted houses.

Special surprises are in store for the Goretorium’s grand opening on the 27th, but the scares are there all year long through Halloween and beyond! Get more info on the haunt and buy your tickets online to save at

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