Dr. Shocker DVD holiday update for all classic monster/toy/horror fans

With the Christmas Day deadline ahead, we are only $1,500 dollars away from reaching our Kickstarter Goal and we only have 5 days left….so if you haven’t placed your pre-order yet for DR. SHOCKER’S VAULT OF HORROR DVD please click the link below. A basic contribution is only $25 dollars and that gets the DVD right to your door when it streets in April. Treat yourself or the beloved monster/horror fan in your life to this ghastly great gift.

Thanks again for the support and please Repost and get the word out!

DR. SHOCKER’S VAULT OF HORROR, a new SHOCK-U-MENTARY celebrating our fascination with movie monsters, featuring celebrities like Guillermo del Toro and Rob Zombiehttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chuckwilliams/dr-shockers-vault-of-horror

Also, be sure to visit the official Dr. Shocker website for continuing news updates on the DVD, Dr. Shocker appearances and much more!

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