Wishing Bob Burns a Full and Speedy Recovery

A quick note to sci-fi, horror, monster and film fans everywhere: I received word tonight that Bob Burns is recovering well from a severe heart attack he suffered Sunday night. This is good news amid scary news, so pray if you got ’em and keep good thoughts for a full and quick recovery going out to them both.

I learned about this via Tony Hardy on Facebook just tonight: apparently Bob suffered a serious attack but received immediate medical attention and was quickly moved into surgery to treat a blocked artery. The procedure was a success and Bob is resting comfortably in the hospital since surgery. Kathy says he’s even joking with the hospital staff already, which as you know is pure Bob Burns.  That’s a good sign.

Kathy requests no calls or visitors for now to allow Bob time to rest and recuperate, and if you love Bob and Kathy like we all do, I know you’ll respect her wishes. I will update this posting if I get an approved address to send cards and notes of support as soon as available.

UPDATE: Please send cards and notes to —

Bob Burns
c/o Del Howison
Dark Delicacies
3512 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

Also, friend Frank Dietz says that Bob is “doing fine” and was home from the hospital on Wednesday.  Apparently he’s healthy enough to travel to Sacramento this weekend for a screening of BEAST WISHES, Frank and Trish Geiger’s documentary celebrating Bob and Kathy’s careers and collection.  This a great news!

I took the picture below of Bob And Kathy just Sunday afternoon at a local DVD signing (thanks to Del at Dark Delicacies for hosting the event), and Bob seemed his usual cheerful, charming and funny self.  I joked with him for a few minutes and he was in top form like most of his appearances. They’ve both had some health ups and down in the past year, so let’s hope that this incident ends that trend now as we all want to enjoy the friendship, generosity of spirit and highly good humor of Bob and Kathy for many, many years to come.  Bob, I hope to see you healthy, well and happy very soon, sir.

Kathy and Bob Burns at the BEAST WISHES/MEN IN SUITS DVD signing event at Dark Delicacies, Burbank, California on January 6, 2013. Photo c. Scott Weitz

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