Universal Halloween Horror Nights’ John Murdy: Monster Protector

Tonight I encountered into this cool video interview with John Murdy, creative director of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights  and classic horror movie fan who declares himself the “protector of all monsters.” That may sound hyperbolic but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true, and Murdy’s lifelong love of monsters and horror history certainly qualifies him as a protective keeper of the flame, ensuring such classic characters, actors and filmmakers live on for future generations. In fact, he insists that new hires for HHN each season learn a bit about and appreciate that they will be performing on the studio grounds where the American horror movie was born.

Have a look at this video, part of the Sideshow Experience series taking a look at pop culture collectibles from a slightly historic viewpoint, and drool over Murdy’s own impressive collection of horror memorabilia and figures in his Monster Room sanctuary while you’re at it. This is a great look behind the HHN creator’s promotional on-screen image we so often see, and get to know John the big-kid-mostly-grown-up who still revels in ‘playing’ with monsters today at Universal’s annual haunt event. Though Murdy takes his love of horror and monsters very seriously (and professionally), you’ll see he still has lots of fun talking about and enjoying these creatures of the night on his own time and with like-minded fans.

Recent tweet updates from Murdy indicate he’s well on his way to planning out the new maze and theme properties for Halloween Horror Nights 2013, and I can’t wait to learn what horrors he has in store for us all!

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