Cast your ballots for the 2012 Rondo Hatton Awards

It’s that time of year again, fans of genre films, television and publishing: voting for the 2012 Rondo Hatton Awards are now open at the official Rondo website. This year’s ballot is stuffed with nominees in categories like Best Movie, Best Television Presentation, Best Classic DVD Collection, Best Restoration, Best Independent Film, Best Documentary and many more with 35 categories in all.

Cast your votes in the 2012 Rondo Hatton Awards

Casting your ballot is simple: copy the official ballot off the linked webpage above, paste it into a blank email window and mark your selection for winners in some or all the categories listed. Note there are always options to cast your vote for a write-in candidate as well. When your ballot is complete, simply mail it to Dave Colton whose email address is listed at the top of the ballot page. Be sure to send in your ballot by the midnight April 7th deadline and make your voice heard in choosing the best horror, sci-fi and people who keep genre entertainment respectful of the past while marching ahead into the future.

I voted for the 2012 Rondo Awards... and you can too!I’m pleased to see many friends and fellow fans nominated for a Rondo this year, including Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger’s excellent documentary Beast Wishes: The Fantastic World of Bob and Kathy Burns, Frank H. Woodward’s equally excellent doc Men In Suits, and Doctor Shocker’s satiric Presidential live debate between Frankenstein and the Wolf Man last October. Good luck choosing the best of all the wonderful horror hosts nominated this year while you’re at it, they’re all terribly terrific people! So go, make your voice heard and watch online for the voting results and winners of the 2012 Rondo Hatton Awards sometime in April.

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