Restored WHITE ZOMBIE a glorious nightmare on Blu-ray even if flawed

WHITE ZOMBIE movie posterI finally got to view the new HD restoration of WHITE ZOMBIE on Blu-ray this week. Aside from one notable (and very noted) flaw in Kino’s conversion, it was most enjoyable to see this cult horror classic looking so good.

The film’s improbable plot and ‘stylized’ acting is an acquired taste to be sure, but the eerie beauty of its production design (borrowing sets from FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA helped a lot) and nightmarish montage of surreal scenes are undeniably haunting in HD. Bela Lugosi really gets his evil on as Murder Legendre, so if you’ve only seen him in DRACULA or meeting up with Abbott and Costello, you really should take a look at this film.

WHITE ZOMBIE’s quirky power as a Pre-Code independent film from 1932 still holds up after decades and this new Blu-ray edition (except for the blown out white values in several scenes) finally lets the Halperin brothers’ daring horror tale shine in all its shadowy glory. Cast your glowing eyes on the restoration trailer below for a taste of zombie goodness.

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