Rondo Awards reminder that online ballots are due by April 7th!

RONDO AWARDS VOTING REMINDER: a show that SWSC worked on, Dr. Shocker’s live presentation “Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man: The Presidential Debate” is nominated for a prestigious Rondo Hatton Award as the Best Fan Event of 2012 and voting ends on April 7th.

Cast your votes in the 2012 Rondo Hatton Awards
Here’s a link to the Rondo Hatton Awards where you can cast your ballot for the best 2012 nominees, including our show in category #21 as Best Fan Event of 2012. Jump the link and make your voice heard in the Rondo Awards results today!

Frankenstein (Perry Shields) faces off with the Wolf Man (Daniel Roebuck) in a monstrous Presidential Debate at the Alex Theater in Glendale, CA. October 2012. Photo c. Daniel Roebuck

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