Video from Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2013 panel at Monsterpalooza

This past weekend I attended Eliot Brodsky’s vast and quite crowded Monsterpalooza convention in Burbank, CA — an annual event packed with celebrities, artists and manufacturers arising from all kinds of sci-fi, horror and fantasy entertainment. I’ll share a photo album soon but wanted to start my recap with three videos I shot during the Halloween Horror Nights 2013 panel hosted by Universal Studios Hollywood creative director John Murdy (@HorrorNights) and art director Chris Williams. This dynamic duo of dastardly design gave HHN fans quite a show, delving into their creative process in developing mazes from popular IPs, offering insights into what scared them in their youth and how those specters shaped their careers, and announcing an exciting, creative HHN fan contest for their 2013 haunt season.

It is there I will begin with my first video: John Murdy’s exclusive announcement of a contest that will solicit fans to submit an original character design to appear somewhere in the Halloween Horror Nights event this year!  Specific contest details are expected to be announced within a month or so, Murdy told me after the panel, but here’s the general idea: fans may submit their character design for the contest, John and Chris will select a winning design from the pool of entries, and then they will develop that character design into a flesh-and-blood-and-latex haunt character played by a live actor in HHN 2013.  This fan character contest will open for submissions closer to the Halloween season, so stay tuned for official details coming later this summer.

Watch my video recording of this panel segment below, the first of three videos from the HHN panel as they appear in a playlist on SWCS’s YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe to my channel if you like this to see more videos on my own work and other interesting theme park attraction events. HHN panel videos part 2 and part 3 will be blogged soon.

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