Final Kickstarter countdown to support HARBINGER DOWN and practical effects in film

Studio ADI‘s mission to preserve and promote practical creature effects in film via Kickstarter is down to its final week, and if you haven’t yet backed their work on their new horror/sci-fi project HARBINGER DOWN, I urge you to join in their cause.

Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. have been creating popular and terrifying movie creatures for three decades now in such films as THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS, ALIEN³, TREMORS, the SPIDER-MAN franchise, THE ZOOKEEPER and the 2011 prequel THE THING. Yet despite their successful contributions to hit films, Hollywood studios and producers are using practical effects much less than before, relying far too much on CG visual effects to ‘solve’ all their effects needs even when practical creatures and makeup provide superior results in a scene. In many such cases, practical effects are also more economical and quicker solutions for productions than CG, not to mention the huge benefit that practical effects on the set provide to actors who must interact with such creatures.

Joining the ADI team on this mission to save the practical effects art form are a swarm of award-winning special effects masters including Pat McClung (ARMAGEDDON, TRUE LIES), miniature artists Robert and Dennis Skotak (ALIENS, TERMINATOR 2, THE ABYSS). Renowned actor Lance Henriksen (ALIENS, NEAR DARK) is also committed to the project and a career-long supporter of ADI and special effects artistry in films.

Watch HARBINGER DOWN director Alec Gillis’ initial Kickstarter video below along with several behind-the-scenes updates on YouTube to catch up with the project’s status, but with only seven days left to fund the film, please act soon if you want to join the backers team and make this important (and thrilling) statement heard and seen throughout the film industry. Studio ADI have collected a list of great reward options to enjoy in return for your participation on Kickstarter including signed posters, Blu-ray/DVD copies of the film, and rare one-of-a-kind creature artifacts from the production. Join the cause today before time runs out and let’s keep practical effects alive in genre filmmaking!

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