SWSC will appear at ScareLA haunt and Halloween convention this August

If you haven’t purchased your tickets already, please do today and join Scott Weitz Show Creations at ScareLA, Los Angeles’ premiere new haunt and Halloween industry convention in Downtown LA this August 10th and 11th. I’ll be joining Theme Park Adventure‘s Rick West (and possibly others) in a presentation of haunt show writing on Sunday of the convention schedule. I’ll be talking about my experiences as show writer of Eli Roth’s GORETORIUM haunt in Las Vegas and much more. I hope to see you there, haunt fans!

Join SWSC at ScareLA, Los Angeles' premiere haunt and Halloween convention debuting August 10-11 in Downtown LA

A short list of haunt industry leaders appearing at ScareLA includes:

John Murdy (USH Halloween Horror Nights), Garner Holt (animatronics and show ride systems), Leonard Pickel (haunt designer, founder of HAuNTcon), Jon Braver (writer/director/producer of Haunted Play Delusion), Jason Blum (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, Blumhouse of Horror), Melissa Carbone (LA Haunted Hayride, Great Horror Campout), Daniel Miller (designer, Knott’s Scary Farm), Brooke Walters (designer, Knott’s Halloween Haunt), Larry Bones (makeup/monster designer for USH Halloween Horror Nights, founder Bone Yard Effects, Inc.), Jeff Tucker (writer, Knott’s Halloween Haunt), Eric Fox (makeup artist on SyFy’s Face Off) and many more.

The official release:

ScareLA premieres on August 10 & 11, 2013 as the first Los Angeles convention dedicated to celebrating Halloween. Situated in the entertainment capital of the world it will combine the city’s top talent and unique cultural setting with a twist! Drawing fans and haunt entertainment professionals, the event will feature top attraction designers and operators, manufacturers, artists, filmmakers and more. The weekend-long Halloween season teaser will celebrate California’s hottest scary faire with attraction unveils, workshops and classes, top industry panels, haunt tours, screenings and activities. Share, inspire, play – ScareLA.

BUY TICKETS: http://wl.flavorus.com/event/Scare-LA/174448?afflky=scarela

MORE INFO: http://scarela.com/

What you can expect at ScareLA

  • Curated collection of exhibitors showcasing scary goods, services & job opportunities
  • Expert and celebrity panels on the haunt business, horror entertainment and more
  • Presentations of top and upcoming local haunts with sneak peaks and unveils
  • Performances by local horror themed theatre companies and musicians
  • Professional demos of makeup, set building, costume creation, animatronics and more
  • Hands-on workshops taught by top haunt industry professionals for all skill levels and ages
  • Onsite mobile haunt park and lights on tours of local scary attractions
  • Museum-style educational gallery of Halloween themed art and history
  • Screening room showing premiere attraction walk-throughs and local horror filmmakers
  • Games, pumpkin carving, scary costume parade and more!

Representatives of the following top events and attractions are scheduled to participate in ScareLA:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights
  • Blumhouse of Horrors
  • Knott’s Halloween Haunt
  • Chambers of the Mausoleum
  • Haunted Play “Delusion”
  • Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
  • Reign of Terror Haunted House
  • The Great Horror Campout
  • The House at Haunted Hill
  • Blackout Haunted House

ScareLA promises a full lineup of leading professionals and talent from the haunt industry and Halloween-fused entertainment, appearing on panels, presentations, and workshops. While our list will continue to grow, it currently includes:

  • Bob Burns – Legendary yard haunter & monster prop collector, and actor, Tracy the Gorilla “The Ghost Busters” TV show
  • Drew Daywalt – Horror Film Director The Daywalt Fear Factory
  • Garner Holt – Owner Garner Holt Productions (Animatronics for the theme park industry)
  • James Brown – Haunt Designer Chambers of the Mausoleum
  • Jason Blum – Producer, “Paranormal Activity,” “Sinister,” “Insidious” – Creator, Blumhouse of Horrors
  • Jeff Schiefelbein – Owner & Operator, Sinister Pointe Haunted Attraction
  • John Murdy – Creative Director, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights
  • Jon Autopsy – Haunt Music Composer, Sinister Pointe’s Holiday Haunt, Knott’s Halloween Haunt
  • Jon Braver – Director & Founder, Haunted Play “Delusion”
  • Leonard Pickel – Founder & Owner, HAuNTcon, FindaHaunt.com, Hauntrepreneurs.com
  • Lisa Morton – Author, The Halloween Encyclopedia
  • Matt Ford – Haunt Designer, The House at Haunted Hill
  • Melissa Carbone – Producer, Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
  • Rhode Montijo – Writer/Illustrator, Director of upcoming animated special “Halloween Kid” based on his book

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